Document Scanner Features Arriving at Dropbox

Document Scanner Features Arriving at Dropbox CALIFORNIA – A wide range of scanning applications has been widely present in the Android app. The feature is also now available on the Android version of the Dropbox app. Reported by Ubergizmo, Friday (14/04/2017), Dropbox landed scanning features on its mobile applications. This […]

Features Hello Popped into Telegram

Features Halo-Halo Popped into Telegram CALIFORNIA – As one competitor instant messaging WhatsApp, Telegram continue to improve itself. This time, the features provided by the developer is halo-halo or telephone. Although impressed too late, voice calling features in this telegram is said to have a strict level of security. Quoted […]

Instagram Trial Features Booking

Instagram Trial Features Booking As a platform that is widely used by lovers of photos and videos, Instagram could business area for users. Therefore, some time ago it released a social media business profile. The news comes from Bloomberg, which cited Ubergizmo, Saturday (25/03/2017), Instagram currently working on a feature […]