mCoin: The first cryptocurrency accessible outside the domain of the Internet

METOP.CO – ONEm this week introduced a cryptocurrency available to people without internet access. Accessible on any mobile device, the mCoin allows its holders to securely trade through SMS-based virtual wallets not connected to the internet. Users earn mCoins through “Pseudo-Mining” which is a type of … from mCoin: The first […]

Here’s How Internet Darlings Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Respond to Those Relationship Theories

METOP.CO – It's the question on everyone's lips: are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir dating? The 2018 Winter Olympic gold medalists in ice dancing — and most-decorated figure skaters in Olympic history — put on quite a show during their PyeongChang appearance, executing flawless versions of a passionate Moulin … from […]

Low-cost, high-speed internet expansion moves ahead

METOP.CO – PACIFIC COUNTY — There are efforts underway that could expand access to more affordable, high-speed internet here. The Pacific County Economic Development Council is bringing people who rely on the internet do business from their homes together to push for lower-cost broadband connections … from Low-cost, high-speed internet expansion […]