Kevin Hart And The Plastic Cup Boyz Stop By ‘Chelsea’

Kevin Hart has obviously been in hot water for the past couple of weeks for the cheating allegations posed against him, followed by actual video and photo footage of him with other women while his wife is pregnant. Though he’s been seen in pictures on Instagram with his family playing nice with wife Eniko, he’s been laying low as far as official interviews and appearances go.

For whatever reason–possibly a prior obligation?–Kevin decided to do an interview on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show, Chelsea, but he was far from alone. Kev brought “The Plastic Cup Boyz,” with him, which is his group of friends that he’s constantly traveling/on tour with. A pretty obvious tactic to take the spotlight off of him, Chelsea didn’t ask one question about him cheating (or his personal life in general) and Kevin and his friends all had a fun, light-hearted interview.

Nonetheless, all of the comments on the video are calling Kevin a cheater, so if his team’s tactic was to use this as a distraction, it’s safe to say it didn’t work.



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