Don’t hurt ‘em, Deshaun.

’s making his first NFL start tonight against the Bengals on Thursday Night Football. People often stay when you look good, you feel good (even play good). So Watson made sure to look fresh as he entered Paul Brown Stadium on Thursday night.

I mean just look at this outfit and the accessories. Shades, headphones, and the bags — one of luxury and another for business (aka football).

 Houston Texans

Those shoes are mighty nice as well.

You can’t tell me this isn’t a man that doesn’t feel ready to shine tonight. No smile, all business, all the fashion:

 Houston Texans

Watson got the start after Tom Savage wasn’t able to get the offense going against the Jaguars. Savage’s agent was obviously not happy about it.

“I’m still trying to figure this out … 31 plays and you’re getting benched?” Savage’s agent Neil Schwartz told NBC Sports. “It makes no sense.”

Instead, Mr. Steal Yo Job is going to take on the Bengals Thursday night, while looking better than your team’s starting quarterback before and after.

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