Can the Red Dot Design Award in , 2 Special Create Limited Edition

Xiaomi recently announced that his fitness wearable products, namely Mi Band 2 has won international awards for the design of the original owned wearable. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is known award winning Red DIT Design 2017 through Weibo account Mi Band 2 for the category of innovative design.

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Red Dot Design Award is an international award for product design and communication design given by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. There is a category prize for product design, organization design, and design concepts. Since 1955, the designers and manufacturers can apply for the prize with the winner announced during the annual ceremony.

This award is very popular with a note indicating that the Red Dot Design Award has more than 15,500 submissions from 70 countries in 2014. The figure this year is not yet known but the official awards ceremony will take place in July 2017.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 joined by a large number of other innovative products which also won awards in different categories. To mark this extraordinary award, there is a possibility that Xiaomi will unveil a special commemorative edition of Mi Band 2. Companies uploading teaser Mi Band 2 with the logo of the Red Dot Design touch buttons located on the device. The screen also has the name “reddot” printed on it.

Not yet known whether Xiaomi will really make the special edition or not. Even if true, it is likely wearable special edition will not be sold in general, but will be stored at the Red Dot Design museum either in Germany or in Taiwan.

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