Researchers use VR to Restore Children’s Health

CALIFORNIA – Technology virtual reality (), which is now being circulated in the market seems to be used for human health. Is a technology startup Melbourne, phoria who designed the VR experience for children who are in the hospital.

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In collaboration with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and Melbourne Zoo, this study involved 80 patients at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne.

Trent Clews-de Castella of phoria say that it gives children a ‘break’ in the hospital. “I feel a little mad that we, the children in this instance, go to the hospital environment and we think about how much we are influenced by our environment and it is not really conducive to the healing process,” said Castella.

Therapy involving the zoo is not new, but to bring the animals into the hospital at risk in terms of cleanliness and infection. “It’s really interesting to capitalize and capture the essence of the sort of interaction you will have with the animals,” he said.

Castella hoped that this would be a drug-free tool to manage pain and anxiety. According to him, with current technology, allowing the team to record with a camera involving 360. It is quoted from , Friday (04/14/2017).

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