Pinterest Will Eliminate Like Button

The ‘Like’ button may be regarded as a feature of a million people. Not only popular on Facebook, some other services like Twitter and Instagram also have that option. Indeed, the function of Like is to express appreciation in an upload.

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However Pinterest seems to have a different view for its services. Interest-based sites will remove the Like button. The company says its services are different from other social media service companies that promote interaction.

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“While other companies want you to live in cyberspace, Pinterest encourages people to stay in the real world.We want to say, be yourself, not your selfie photos,” Pinterest said, quoted by Ubergizmo, Monday (04/24/2017) .

“There are many services out there with the mission of helping you connect and share with friends.We are the only app that is exclusive in the visual discovery business,” he added.

Pinterest also raised the reason. According to him, during this Like button often confuse users to distinguish it from the Save button. If you select the Like button to indicate only rewards, the Save button may allow you to review future uploads.

Pinterest himself did not plan to immediately remove the Like button. It will still be doing some updates next week.

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