Document Scanner Features Arriving at Dropbox

CALIFORNIA – A wide range of scanning applications has been widely present in the Android app. The feature is also now available on the Android version of the Dropbox app.

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Reported by Ubergizmo, Friday (14/04/2017), Dropbox landed scanning features on its mobile applications. This feature will allow users to scan from the printed or written on the phone.

“Dropbox mobile application for Android has a new feature that makes it easier. The document scanner, one of the most popular features on our iOS app, now enables you to scan printed or handwritten dock right on the phone,” reads the announcement Dropbox.

“Plus, you can crop or rotate your scans to rotate scanned to capture the right image and even scan multiple pages into one ,” he continued.

In addition, Dropbox also announced that it is slightly more enhanced features for business users, where if you are in the team, you will be able to search for keywords in a scan.

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