Acquainted with Robot-Robot Maid of Mankind

Humans create robots to help a variety of activities. Robot developed along with the development of technology to address the needs of mankind.

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Robots now not only comes to clean the house, but also a clerk at the hotel and restaurant. But here is a row of robots designed to help humans, as quoted from Mic, Friday (07/04/2017).

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Digger D-3

Robots are now starting to enter the military. The use of robots in the military is considered to protect soldiers on the battlefield.

One military robot that is quite popular is the Digger D-3. This tank-shaped robot can tame landmines.


The healthcare industry is one field that is helped by the presence of robots. A robot named Tug can help the work of nurses to deliver prescription and drugs to patients.


Radiation may be harmful to humans. Quince robot can enter the environment with high radiation levels. Quince is also equipped with three cameras and cable cutters.


Although it has a sinister appearance, these robots can reach extreme environments. A robot named Atlas has a similar physical form of a human.

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