Features Halo-Halo Popped into Telegram

CALIFORNIA – As one competitor instant messaging WhatsApp, Telegram continue to improve itself. This time, the features provided by the developer is halo-halo or telephone. Although impressed too late, voice calling features in this telegram is said to have a strict level of security.

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Quoted from , Friday (31/03/2017), like text chat, allegedly offering end-to-end secure and encrypted audio chat. Telegram uses Diffie-Hellman key exchange to ensure calls can not be intercepted.

Not only that, Telegram also use emoji to allow users to know their calls safely. Basically, if you and the people who speak the same view four emoji, the chat will be encrypted.

In addition, Voice Call Telegram will use a peer-to-peer for most, but for some reason if it can not be done, the app will instead use the nearest server to contact your call.

In addition, the company also claims that the application will use neural networks and machine learning so that future calls will have an improvement in audio quality. The application also adds a way to control who can and do not contact you in the Telegram.

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