Increased PS4 is still natural constraints

Sony PS4

Sony back in upgrading to the PS4. One is increasing the frame rate. Behind the increase, there are still problems in improvement. Gamers are still complaining connection problem after updated to the latest version (version 4.5). Hearing the complaint, Sony immediately gave tips to overcome them. But gamers still feel […]

Opera Mini updated features in Android

Opera Mini updated features in Android Opera Mini add and update some of their features in Android-based devices to improve the standard of content distribution, engagement and accessibility of the mobile browser. “Mobile browser will become a gateway for Internet users in Indonesia and lately almost all users to enjoy […]

Instagram Trial Features Booking

Instagram Trial Features Booking As a platform that is widely used by lovers of photos and videos, Instagram could business area for users. Therefore, some time ago it released a social media business profile. The news comes from Bloomberg, which cited Ubergizmo, Saturday (25/03/2017), Instagram currently working on a feature […]